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NetSupport specializes in the development of software products that will manage and support local and wide area networks. Its main product is the industry-leading NetSupport Manager software.

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NetSupport Product Lineup

NetSupport School

Complete Classroom Management Solution.

Schools now have a greater investment in technology than ever before and the challenges of managing and monitoring its use, supporting teachers and protecting students continue to grow.

Helping schools worldwide, award-winning classroom management solution, NetSupport School provides teachers with dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching and learning using best practice.

The solution not only saves teachers’ time and maintains students’ focus, but also improves learning outcomes – regardless of the preferred learning style.

NetSupport DNA (Education)

IT Asset Management with SafeGuarding for the Education

As the use of technology increases in schools, NetSupport DNA provides the complete solution to help monitor and manage its use, support staff in achieving best practice and protect students, both in the classroom and across the school.

This award-winning solution gives technicians IT asset management features to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets across a school and its sites from one single point, helping them to save time, identify cost savings and increase security – plus improve staff and student productivity.

A built-in safeguarding module is included – as standard – to help schools improve their eSafety and safeguarding functions; its range of proactive and reactive features being specifically designed to protect students without impacting learning outcomes.

Meanwhile, teachers can access the classroom management toolkit (NetSupport School – also available separately) to gain dedicated assessment, collaboration and control features, to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching and learning.

NetSupport DNA (Corporate)

IT Asset Management Solution for Corporate Environments

As the use of technology increases in enterprises, NetSupport DNA provides the complete solution to help support the management and maintenance of IT assets, whilst supporting its users – all from a central point.

Designed for ease of use, this award-winning solution gives technicians IT asset management features to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets across the enterprise and its sites. Scalable to business needs – from a single SME through to larger multi-site implementations – it helps provide a clear and up-to-date overview of all asset activity.

Implemented in minutes, NetSupport DNA will save time and money while enhancing your enterprise’s security, ensuring compliance and increasing productivity.

Classroom .cloud 

What does do?

It’s the ideal cloud platform for effective classroom management and teaching, whether everyone is together in the classroom or learning remotely at home. With no swapping between solutions for the different scenarios, it’s a great way to provide continuity for students – and teachers too!

 - Integration with Google Classroom

- Integration with Microsoft School Data Sync

- Ultra-fast performance and scalability

- Multi-platform support

NetSupport Manager

Remote Control Solution

For over 30 years, NetSupport Manager has consistently led the way with innovative features to aid in remote PC management. As the complexity and diversity of systems evolves, remote control tools have also had to adapt to ensure that a single technology solution can manage and negotiate a wide range of platforms and environments.

Designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single, high speed solution for the remote management of multi-platform computers – without the need for a third-party service or ongoing subscription costs.

What makes NetSupport Manager unique is its range of supporting tools to ensure maximum efficiency and, most importantly, the minimum level of system downtime and lost productivity as support issues are being addressed – making it the perfect tool of choice for any IT team.

NetSupport ServiceDesk

Browser-based Help Desk

Technology plays a vital part in any organisation’s success and at the heart of any reliable and effective IT environment is the help desk. In addition to supporting users’ daily IT issues, the helpdesk will also highlight recurring IT problems; enabling organisations to identify and fix the root cause and ensure a productive working environment.

Easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, NetSupport ServiceDesk delivers the processes needed to help you effortlessly track, organise, manage and answer the toughest support challenges. Its fully customisable and intuitive browser-based interface supports both desktop and mobile platforms and delivers robust workflow processes. It supplies a wealth of management reports as well as providing a customer-friendly self-service portal – all the tools needed to help technicians deliver support effectively.


Capture and assess primary pupils’ learning and development with ReallySchool!

Low-cost, easy to use and super secure, ReallySchool, our award-winning app and online portal, helps teachers and TAs to complete student observations and assessments quickly and effectively.

From creating observations and linking learning to assessment, to monitoring progress, identifying learning gaps – and more! It also helps boost parental engagement and supports the continuation of learning at home.

NetSupport Notify

Desktop Alerting and Notification

In today’s challenging working environments, organisations are fast realising the benefits of mass notification technology.

As a solution specifically designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later, NetSupport Notify scales to the largest of organisations with multiple sites and provides real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements − as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN network. Its dedicated local notification gateways allow seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. A true mass notification system with fast and reliable alerts, NetSupport Notify’s alerts can carry varying priorities, customisations and delivery options.

Why choose NetSupport Products

NetSupport School

NetSupport School maximizes the use of classroom technology by allowing instructors to observe and interact with students computers while continuously evaluating students progress. A unique feature set including quiz and multi-media testing tools, application and internet controls, and audio monitoring. NetSupport School combines support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome environments to offer a true 'any platform BYOD' classroom.
Best For
Working across all platforms, NetSupport School is ideal for Schools & Districts K-12, as well as Universities, Corporations & Training Facilities.


Working across all platforms, NetSupport School is ideal for Schools & Districts K-12, as well as Universities, Corporations & Training Facilities.
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  • "While I haven't needed to use customer service very much, the few times that I did contact them, they were quick to help and resolve my issues."

  •  "Having this product installed here gives me peace of mind. We are quickly able to shut down unauthorized site viewing."
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What our Customers are saying

I use DNA everyday. I love the esafety module, this is very helpful in safeguarding our students. I also love the speed in which I can connect to remote computers to give instant support.

Mathew Shakepear - Beverley High School Beverley High School

We, as an ICT department find the DNA client very easy to use, intuitive and full of features, some of which I haven't even had time to explore yet! I particularly like the update process which is seamless in comparison to other network management software..

Krihan Sethi Bacup and Rawthenstall Grammar School
DNA has mae supporting an ever-growing network much more straightforward, while ensuring that children can use computers safely and within appropriate borders.
Ben Clarke Saint Ronan's School