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NetSupport has just released NetSupport Manager v12.5 which includes:

New Client app for Android - The NetSupport Manager Mobile Client for Android enables existing Control users of NetSupport Manager v12.50 to remotely connect to Android client devices (Android 4 or later) – for enhanced real-time interaction and system support whilst on the move. 

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New PowerShell feature - Launch a PowerShell window to quickly and easily execute PowerShell commands at a selected Windows Client. 

New deployment enhancements - Send a Wake-on-LAN Windows command to machines that are not turned on and quickly locate machines local to the Control. 

Enhanced file transfer and distribution speeds.

Enhanced performance on the ‘View and show’ mode on Windows 8 and above.

Enhanced Inventory process monitoring section in Windows - New information such as the process ID, number of handles and objects are now included, along with real-time statistics showing percentage increase/decrease in, for example, process memory usage. 

Version 12 summary

Take a look at the new features and enhancements in our latest version NetSupport Manager v12.
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